Weekly Whisky Cask

Weekly Whisky Cask

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Unlock the rich history and flavours of Scotland with a cask of Dalmunach. This premium aged single malt Scotch is distilled in copper pot stills and matured in ex-Sherry casks for at least 12 years. Investing in a Dalmunach cask provides more than just a return on investment, it’s a chance to be part of centuries-old tradition and own a piece of Scotland’s legacy.


  • Age: 2015
  • Cask Type: Sherry Butt
  • RLA: 297
  • ABV: 70.2%
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    More Scotch Whisky is enjoyed more globally than American, Japanese, or Irish.

    Scotch Whisky must be matured in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years.

    Single malt Scotch Whisky is distilled at a single distillery in copper post stills.

    Scotch Whisky is just made from 3 natural ingredients – water, yeast, and cereals.

    By law, Scotch Whisky can only be made in Scotland.