Macallan Blackadder

Macallan Blackadder

A rare piece of history

Introducing the 33 year old Macallan Blackadder, a single malt whisky of exceptional quality and character. This rare expression is a testament to the mastery and craftsmanship of Macallan’s distillers, and is a must-have for any whisky connoisseur or collector.

This limited edition offering comes in a beautiful presentation box, featuring the iconic Macallan logo etched in gold. The accompanying certificate is individually personalised with your name, adding a touch of uniqueness to this already one-of-a-kind expression.

At £9800, the 33 year old Macallan Blackadder is a smart investment and a rare treat for the senses. Order now and join the ranks of discerning collectors and connoisseurs.

More Scotch Whisky is enjoyed more globally than American, Japanese, or Irish.

Scotch Whisky must be matured in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years.

Single malt Scotch Whisky is distilled at a single distillery in copper post stills.

Scotch Whisky is just made from 3 natural ingredients – water, yeast, and cereals.

By law, Scotch Whisky can only be made in Scotland.